Saitama University
Department of Regulatory Biology


Department of regulatory biology

Regulatory Biology / Graduate Program

Laboratory of Regulatory Physiology
Professor KOBAYASHI Tetsuya Endocrinology, Animal physiology, Molecular endocrinnology
Professor TSUKAHARA Shinji Neuroendocrinology, Sexual differentiation of the brain, Neural system regulating social behavior
Assistant professor FURUDATE Hiroyuki Neuroethology
Laboratory of Developmental Biology
Professor YAMASU Kyo Developmental biology, Molecular developmental biology, Developmental genetics
Associate professor KAWAMURA Akinori Developmental Biology, Molecular mechanisms underlying the vertebrate body formation
Associate professor TSUDA Sachiko Neuroscience, Developmental biology, Organizing principles of cerebellar circuitry, optical and physiological analysis using zebrafish
Laboratory of Plant Morphogenesis
Professor MORIYASU Yuji Plant growth physiology , Plant autophagy mechanism
Professor TAKEZAWA Daisuke Plant Physiology, Physiology of bryophytes under abiotic stress
Assistant professor INOUE Yuko Plant cell physiology, membrane dynamics
Laboratory of Genetics
Professor TANAKA Shuuitsu Molecular genetics, DNA Damage response and aging
Associate professor HATAKEYAMA Shin Microbial genetics, Molecular genetics of fungal senescence and aging
Assistant professor YOSHIHARA Ryouhei Radiation biology, The repair process of DNA damage and the mechanism of mutagenesis
Laboratory of Cell Regulatory Science
Professor SAKAI Takafumi Neuroendocrinology
Associate professor SAKATA Ichiro Endocrinology, Energy homeostasis, Feeding behavior, Gastrointestinal physiology
Assistant professor TAKEMI Shota Endocrinology


Partner Institutions

Graduate Program

Faculty of Education Saitama University
Professor KANEKO Yasuko Study of the formation and function of the ultrastructure of plant cells by electron microscopy, with a special focus on novel freezing techniques to capture the native state of cells.
Professor YOSHIDA Minoru Chemical genetics, Protein modification
Professor SHINKAI Yoichi Epigenetics, Protein posttranslational modification, Transcriptional regulation
Associate professor MIYATAKE Hideyuki Molecular and structural biology
Saitama Cancer Center
Professor KAMIJO Takehiko Molecular Biology of Cancer, Tumor genetics: Epigenetic analysis of tumorigenesis, Study of oncogene and tumor suppressor genes
National Institute for Environmental Studies
Professor HORIGUCHI Toshihiro Environmental science, Marine ecotoxicology
Associate professor MAEKAWA Fumihiko Neurotoxicology
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
Professor KOIKE Manabu Radiation life sciences, Elucidations of molecular mechanisms of DNA damage response, DNA repair, and cell fate for the next-generation cancer therapy and diagnosis
National Center for Child Health and Development
Professor NAKAMURA Kazuaki Neuroendocrinology, Experimental Pharmacology, Adaptation biology for physiological and social environment
Associate professor MIYADO Kenji Reproductive Biology, Microvesicles, Cell-cell fusion, Fertilization, implantation, Symbiotic bacteria